DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS REPERTORY The homeopathic Diagnostic Analysis Repertory software of Dr. Leonid Kosmodemyansky
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Master Class

Participants of Dr. Kosmodemyansky's master class qualify for a 25% discount on the basic version (DAR Classic), 15% on the full version (DAR Professional), and 10% on the extended version (DAR Expert).

Patients and specialists wishing to participate in the Master Class by Dr. Leonid Kosmodemyansky can sign up for a pre-Master-Class consultation  after paying the participation fee in advance.
Phone: +7 (495) 740-57-36

For specialists:
Paperwork and submission queries:
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 672-27-94 

Students enrolling from the Russian Homeopathic Community, the international EDAS Holding, the Federal Clinical Research and Experimental Center for Traditional Diagnostics and Therapy of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development qualify for a 25% discount.

- To pay the advance fee, print out the payment order (Word or PDF):

cost of consultations for PATIENTS
First consultation: 700 rubles per academic hour
Repeat consultation: 600 rubles per academic hour

cost of consultations for SPECIALISTS
Individual consultation: 600 rubles per academic hour
As part of a group of up to 5 persons: 300 rubles per academic hour
As part of a group of 5 to 10 persons: 150 rubles per academic hour

Online consultation NEW!
Consultation cost: 850 rubles per academic hour

Consultations take place in the academic facilities of the Moscow Institute of Homeopathy at the following address: Russia, 111123, Moscow, 2 Vtoraya Vladimirskaya St., h.2

After completing a cycle of 72 academic hours and successfully passing the examination, students receive a Certificate of participation in research workshops and Certificate of Completion of a Postgraduate Refresher Course titled “Application of the homeopathic method in clinical medicine” (TU2).

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Master class

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